Summer Vacation Placements 2022

At Dean & Smedley we are committed to the development of pharmacists who are able to carry both the profession and our company forward. Our vacation student programme has been continuously developed and refined over many years and is part of a wide range of training and development initiatives within the company.

We provide placements up to 8 weeks long that are tailored to the level and experience of pharmacy students. The placements are based upon a learning contract and portfolio system that ensures that each student builds on their existing knowledge and past experience in a positive manner.

Six key learning objectives are covered during the placement:

  • A professional manner and approach
  • A commitment to learning and development
  • The ability to work effectively, both independently and with others
  • The ability to manage time effectively
  • The application of legal and ethical principles
  • The application of evidence-based practice

At the start of the placement students discuss with their supervising pharmacist what they have covered already in the undergraduate course and what experience they have had previously and will complete a learning needs assessment. They will then agree on a plan of activities and learning experiences for the placement. During the time at the pharmacy students gather evidence to support the various learning objectives. This evidence will then form the basis of a portfolio that may be carried forward and used in the undergraduate course or in future placements and foundation year employment.

The supervising pharmacists have considerable experience in community pharmacy and are committed to developing the skills and knowledge of pharmacy students.

How do you apply?

Fill out the following application form: Summer Vacation Placement Application Form
(In case of difficulty contact our head office on (01283) 535255)

NB. We do not have accommodation available so these placements are only suitable for students who live within daily travelling distance of our pharmacies.