Pre-Registration Training 2018/2019

We are looking for pharmacy students who can communicate effectively with patients and professional colleagues, who are interested in both the professional and business aspects of Community Pharmacy and who are prepared to work to develop these skills.

Placements will commence in August 2018.

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How will you be trained?

We will ensure that you not only meet but also exceed the GPhC requirements. We plan a programme of training and experience to ensure that where possible all GPhC standards are met by the end of the third quarter of the year leaving time to prepare for qualification - and the exam. We use a wide range of training resources including Centre for Pharmacy Post-graduate Education (CPPE) and National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) material, local branch post-graduate education meetings, Company training meetings, colleagues from the local hospital along with on the job coaching and one-to-one training through the year. Students will undertake specific projects during the year, for example, professional audits. Commercial awareness and skills are developed, but in excess of 90% of the time at work will be spent on professional matters during the training year.

Students are encouraged to work together and share experiences during the year and are introduced to the principles and practice of Continual Professional Development (CPD) before qualification.
We have been training Pre-regs for over 25 years and our pass rate for the the Pre-registration exam is almost 100%.

How many students do we employ?

Two 50:50 Community and Hospital experience posts jointly with Queens Hospital, Burton.
Up to four 100% Community posts. Each of these posts is shared between two of our community pharmacies and includes 2-3 weeks hospital placement.

How many hours do you have to work?

Students enjoy the same average 5-day week as our Pharmacists but, like them, must expect this to include some Saturday work. Rota duties may be worked in addition to normal hours and attract additional pay. Four weeks paid holiday are allowed during the Pre-registration year.

How much will you be paid?

We expect our pay rate to be in line with other major Pre-registration training establishments.

In addition students have our normal staff benefits of staff discount and workplace pension scheme.

Is there somewhere you can live?

We usually have a self-contained furnished flat available in Burton - this sleeps two. The rent is around £200 per person per month plus electricity, phone, etc. If other accommodation is required we can put you in touch with local agents.

What happens after you qualify?

Students are employed on the strict understanding that they make themselves available to the Company, if required, for at least 12 months after qualifying. This time would be spent performing relief/assistant pharmacist duties and can be the prelude to a manager's position - as it has been for a number of our pharmacists. Without losing our family image, we expect our business to expand by undertaking new roles, further acquisitions, etc., as and when the opportunities occur.

How do you apply?

The application process has now closed