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GPs Dr Dawn Harper, Dr Hilary Jones, Dr Sara Kayat, Dr Zoe Williams and Pharmacist, Abraham Khodadi highlight the skills and expertise of pharmacists. Consul...
Pharmacists are trained in managing minor illnesses and providing health and wellbeing advice:
Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who can help with things like coughs, colds, and other minor health concerns:
Dean & Smedley are hiring!!
We have vacancies for trained Dispensary Assistants in a variety of full-time or part-time roles across our 11 local pharmacies.
If you fit the bill, email for an application form or call 01283 535255 for more information.
Applications close Friday February 22nd 2019.
Antibiotics aren’t always needed when you feel unwell. Coughs, earache and sore throats can often get better by themselves. Talk to your pharmacist about medicines to help with your symptoms or pain. Help #KeepAntibioticsWorking

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